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Timeless Boyhood Adventure

Reacquaint young readers with the purpose of childhood: Fun! If you are a grandparent, refresh your memory about how it was when you grew up.Go back to a simpler time. The boys in the Blackwater Novels need no app to explore the Blackwater swamp, fish in the Blackwater River or play in the great outdoors.Told through the authentic voices of boys in the 1930s South, the novels touch the child in all of us as we follow the boys in their adventures, watch them explore the beauty of the natural world and experience their loving connections with friends and family.

While the Blackwater Novels have important girl characters and are fun for girl readers, the protagonists are boys, so the books help fill the need in current children's literature for novels that are especially appealing to boys. The Blackwater novels are enjoyed by readers of all ages who like Southern fiction, especially grandparents who want to remember how it was and want to pass the books to their grandchildren so they will know too!

My Brother's Story


The Dead House


A Nest of Snakes