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Blackwater Novels Moonbeam Award 2014 Silver winner for
best chapter book series

Identical twins Johnny and Will are orphaned and separated as toddlers. Johnny is adopted by and abusive aunt. When he grows into boyhood, he runs away and is sheltered by Linc, a reclusive black man who lives deep in the Blackwater Swamp. My Brother’s Story tells of the twins’ adventures as they struggle to reunite.

Rad Fox, a boy who lives on the Blackwater River, and family friend, Dr. Jordan Mason, discover an evil presence at the old Granger House. Johnny and Will come to visit Linc, and Johnny gets deathly ill.

Join Johnny, Will, Rad and Sam when they camp on, and explore Hogg Island, an island in the Blackwater River. In A Nest of Snakes, good people come together to confront the hatred of the Ku Klux Klan.

Adventures for Boys (and Girls) of All Ages!

The Blackwater Novels will inspire you when good people come together to confront evil. Share the adventures! Explore the dangers and mysteries of the Blackwater Swamp and experience the way your grandparents grew up. As a boy, I believed that my purpose in life was to have fun. I was very good at it. Fun was always spiced up by the possibility of getting into trouble. The boys in the Blackwater novels—Johnny, Will, Rad and Sam—are also good at having fun and sometimes getting into trouble. I hope you will join them!

— Allen Johnson Jr.