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My Brother’s Story

ISBN 978-1-933725-37-6
208 Pages ~ Hardcover

Identical twins Johnny and Will are orphaned and separated as toddlers. Johnny is adopted by an abusive aunt in Tennessee. Will is adopted by a loving, affluent couple who live in the country near Birmingham, Alabama. When he grows into boyhood, Johnny runs away and is sheltered by Linc, a reclusive black man who lives deep in the Blackwater Swamp. My Brother’s Story tells of the twins’ adventures as they struggle to reunite.

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Book Introduction

Allen Johnson Jr. is persistent.

He never gives up, and unlike most of us, he just keeps on ticking away at the storyteller’s craft.

He’s at his best in My Brother’s Story.

This lively, witty, and real-feeling tale of twin brothers living in parallel universes in the always-old Old South will gently get under your skin and make its way into your heart.

Allen speaks from experiential memory—that’s why you tend to forget that you’re reading . Your senses awaken. You can smell the pine trees and honeysuckle, hear the relentless critters in the swamp, and feel the Blackwater River flowing by under a star-blended sky.

You start to feel your way through the pages. By the time you run smack into the last line of the last chapter, you want to continue anyhow. You wonder, What happens the next day? And the next . . . ?

Savor the moment. You might not read any evocation of childhood that’s this much fun for a long time to come.

(Writer, bookseller, film actor and lover of good books)

— Jim Reed